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"I remember Michael from Holy Family, he always loved singing and was very talented at it too; singing in church, assemblies and the school productions. He's a shining star in my eyes and was a pleasure to teach. His voice is so unique, he will go far".

Melissa Barrington (1970-2022), former LSA and receptionist at The Holy Family Catholic Primary School 

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"Mikey's musical talent was recognised early in his school career. He could hold the school hall with an audience of 300, mesmerised when he sang a solo from his repertoire. My most memorable moment of Mikey at school was when he sang a cover of Leonard Cohen's 'Hallelujah'. Many of the staff, me included, had tears in their eyes".


Lynn Salter, former Bower Grove School headmistress 

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"Mikey is a phenomenal singer/songwriter who creates tracks that are easy to sing along to and are super catchy. Since coming across him in 2019, I've gotten to understand his true potential at writing songs with a tendency to fuse genres that feel appropriate. His vocal range surpasses a lot of other well known and established vocalists. You have to hear it in person to really grasp at how versatile it truly is".

Aaron Tatham (DJ Azza) - producer/drummer, presenter of Surrey Hills Community Radio's EDM Central 

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"Mikey is truly a unique artist! His work is always original, and he is blazing a trial with this originality. Every song he creates breaks rules, moving with ease from power belters to moving ballads. Mikey's eclectic approach to innovating in his music has resulted into him developing his own lane, he continues to redefine what is possible!".

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"I will never forget the first time I met Mikey. He was wearing a Mötley Crüe shirt and being the huge Crüe fan that I am, I decided to spark a conversation with him about it. After a short while, I realised he had such a broad taste in music and a superb singing voice with the ability to belt high notes I could only ever dream of. I can safely say he is one of the most talented and passionate singers I have ever met. I've had a wonderful time working on his next album with him, as it has opened my eyes to a wide range of playing styles that I had yet to discover, and have implemented what I have learned to improve my instrumentation skills overall, and it’s all thanks to that one time I told Mikey that I liked his Mötley Crüe shirt. What a guy".

Brian Leslie, singer/songwriter + multi-instrumentalist

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"Since I started working with Mikey in 2021, he has pushed my bass playing to the next level with his creative approach to the many genres he writes in. This has opened my mind into exploring different types of bass playing in different genres and bands".

Ben Goffin, bassist (Vine Street, Falcon Collide) 

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"I worked with Mikey at university and watched him grow into the musician he is today throughout our two years together. He is a dear friend to me".

Amy Rae / "Noro Blue" (Sleazy Shoes)

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Michael Mikey Brennan is a unique artist and an all round funny and likeable guy with a great sense of humour and a good heart - as skilled at crafting bangers with catchy riffs and melodies and joyous lyrics as he is at providing japes , convo and commentary when you’re around him. Mikey himself is a brand in the making, a brand comprised of fab music, laugh out loud sketches , and personality, which he has in spades. Work with Mikey and you will not be disappointed. Expect a friendly and energetic but forthright character, who can provide colourful lyrics and write stand-out songs with you. Plus you’ll love him".

Wilso, producer and composer + vegan 

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"Mikey has always been committed to developing himself as a musician and artist. He has an inner drive to create, innovate and perform. It has been a privilege to witness his development to the committed performer and musician he is now. I admire his creativity and his determination to authentically reproduce the sounds in his head so that other people can enjoy his world of sound".

Mr. Croft, former Bower Grove School maths and music teacher

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"Mikey is an incredibly enthusiastic and hard working musician who always blew me away with his passion for both performing and writing music. Over the years when I worked with him I witnessed him grow into a competent young musician who would work tirelessly to produce the best version of his music he could. It's been great to see him continue his music since leaving us and I'm sure he has a bright future in the industry".

Toby Starks, Bower Grove School music teacher + singer/songwriter, musician (Wheeler StreetThe Starks Family BandThe Lowly Strung)

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"Mikey has always impressed me with his songwriting. From the first time I was introduced to his debut single, 'Mean Mikey' I was hooked on his ability to tell a story with his lyrics and I'm proud to have been a part of his journey. It is incredible to see his perseverance paying off".

Tim Lawerence, Bower Grove School teacher + musician/vocalist (Hildamay, BAYEUX, Land Speed)

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"The most amazing student".

Simon CookMidKent College principal

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"In my ten years of teaching there are not many students that stood out like Mikey. I ran a Level 1 creative arts course, and he proved to be exactly what the course was created for; he was committed, talented and always pushed boundaries, seeing the musician he has become is a delight. He was always interested in music both as a fan and as a student. There was no guarantee, but I was impressed, not surprised, that somebody as driven as Mikey would become a Distinction level student and go on to higher education where he continues to impress me with his infectious enjoyment for music and performance. I am always excited to see what he does next".

Steven Keevil, former MidKent College lecture. 


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"You would find it difficult to find a music student more hard-working than Mikey. During his time at college, he went from someone who could barely play guitar and had very little vocal experience to being able to perform songs by the likes of George Michael, Mötley Crüe and Michael Jackson with exuberant stage presence".

Kennie Cotter, MidKent College music tutor + singer/songwriter, musician (OCD Entertainment, Raiders of the Lost GrooveSmall Shark Productions)


"Mikey was a very hardworking student who dedicated his time to learning about his craft and studying the artists that inspire him. He always brings great energy to his performances, whether he's singing re-arranged covers or his own original music".

 Amy WaltonACM vocal tutor + vocalist 



"Mikey is a confident and committed vocalist. He is professional, reliable and most of all - a fun person to have on stage and in the rehearsal room!"


Helena May, former ACM vocal tutor + vocalist (Redtenbacher's Funkestra)



"Mikey was a great student to work with, with an enormous passion for singing and music in general. He has incredibly detailed knowledge of the artists he loves and made active contribution to every lecture with the most interesting facts!".

Rosanna Brandi, former ACM vocal tutor + vocalist (The Philharmonic Orchestra, Wynton Marsalls)


"Mikey was a pleasure to teach; a dedicated and passionate singer with a wide knowledge of music and genres with an enthusiastic and inquisitive approach to learning".

Kaya Herstad-Carney, former ACM vocal tutor + singer/songwriter, vocal coach, session vocalist (Marina & The Diamonds, The Wombats, Moulettes, Seal, Bon Jovi).


"Mikey was always a pleasure to work with and had a strong work ethic. He gave 100% vocally and in his performance".

Sarah Geary, ACM tutor + vocalist (The Tamla Tigers, Paul Young, Bonnie Tyler, James Blunt, Shakin' Stevens, Crowded House)

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